Behind the scenes of Hera's Inferno

Meet Jessica

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Hornbaker and I am the creator behind Hera's Inferno. I am a busy stay at home mom of 3 children and married to the man of my life. I have always put myself and my wants on the back burner to make sure the needs of my children and husband were met first. But my secret obsession for buying things for myself was always candles and wax melts because I love a good smelling home and so Hera's Inferno was born. 

I created Hera's Inferno because I wanted my own style of candles and wax melts. I also wanted a purrer cand clean-burning candle. So I dug in and did my research and found out that most store-bought candles have additives chemicals, and waxes not made in the United States. I had also learned that these can contribute to health problems in people and animals. So my mission for a better-performing and safer alternative for candles and wax melts began.

Hera's Inferno




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